Supernumerary Teeth

May 8, 2018

  MOST PEOPLE WILL develop a total of twenty baby teeth that are gradually replaced by a total of thirty-two adult teeth. Sometimes those teeth don’t all appear, a condition called hypodontia. In even rarer cases, all the normal teeth will be present, plus at least one extra! These extra teeth are supernumerary teeth, and the condition […]


After-School Snacks For Healthy Teeth

April 19, 2018

GROWING BODIES NEED a lot of fuel, and that means a lot of after-school snacks. The nature of those snacks can have a big impact on a child’s oral health during this critical period when they’re losing baby teeth and growing in their permanent set. So which snacks are the best ones if you’re trying to […]


Safari of Smiles Facebook Contest!

April 9, 2018

When you come in for your appointment, take a photo at our photo booth, upload the photo to Facebook and CHECK-IN at Safari of Smiles. Whoever’s picture gets the most LIKES will win tickets to the Jacksonville Sharks game on June 2nd!! Make sure your check-in is PUBLIC so we can see it!! Contest will […]


Our Favorite Children’s Books

April 5, 2018

EVERYONE HAS A BOOK that was special to them as a child, whether it’s a pict ure book their parents read to them or a novel that set off their imaginations. That’s why we decided to go back in time and reminisce about the books we most cherished when we were children! Join us in remembering […]


Seasonal Allergies? Take Care Of Your Smile

March 29, 2018

                      SPRING IS ON THE HORIZON and we couldn’t be more excited! Chirping birds, blooming flowers, and warmer weather are just a few of the things we look forward to when spring comes around. We have to admit though, there is one thing about the season […]


Kids’ Dental Health 101

March 22, 2018

    WE ALL REMEMBER what it was like to lose our first tooth and become “one of the big kids.” Children grow up fast, but the time of greatest change for their teeth is the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth. If your own children are in or approaching that phase of childhood, there […]


Tooth Prints

October 4, 2017

Did you know, like fingerprints, every person has a dental imprint that is unique! No two are alike, even identical twins have different dental imprints. What are the advantages of taking a dental imprint? Dental imprints record the size and shape of a child’s teeth, the tooth position within the arch, and the relationship between […]


Ouch!!! Thumb Sucking Can Hurt Your Teeth!!!

June 30, 2016

Prolonged finger or thumb sucking can lead to crooked teeth and bite problems affecting both baby teeth and permanent teeth that are developing, causing upper front teeth to tip outward and upper jaw to narrow in the back. If a child doesn’t stop on their own by the age of three, we do advise parents […]



June 22, 2016

TAKING THE SCARE OUT OF THE DENTAL CHAIR Tip #1: Start Young The earlier a parent starts caring for their infant’s gums, the more likely the baby will recognize oral care as a normal part of their daily routine. The younger a child visits the dentist, the less likely he/she is to consider the “tooth […]


Dr. Alvarez will work for food!

June 2, 2016

MY NAME IS DR. IVIS ALVAREZ AND I WILL WORK FOR FOOD! I usually limit my professional social media posts to four sentences or less on subjects related to children’s dentistry. I have, however, decided to take advantage of some social media venues to share an anecdote about my day yesterday that in a somewhat […]


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