Numbness and Tissue Biting (Cheek, Lip or Tongue)

March 24, 2014

   If your child bites his lip, cheek or tongue following the administration of local anesthetic, please call the office for instructions. If there is excessive bleeding from the mouth following dental treatment, please call the office and be prepared to return to the office for a no charge observation exam.   The signs of lip, […]


Watch Your Child Carefully Following Dental Treatment

It only takes a second for a child to damage soft tissues by chewing on them or by sucking on lips or cheeks. Younger children will leave the operatory with a “tooth pillow,” which is a cotton roll or gauze. This is placed between the teeth to remind the child that his tissues are asleep. […]


Numbness Associated With Local Anesthetic

 Local anesthetic is the most effective way of eliminating any discomfort that may accompany dental treatment. The only downside to a comfortable dental visit and anesthetized teeth is the associated numbness of the adjacent soft tissues, the lips, the cheeks and the tongue. The duration of numbness varies. The effect will differ between two individuals, […]