Who Says going to the Dentist isn’t Sweet?!

13615466_10153852886556588_3736551413421935243_nWhoever said going to the dentist isn’t sweet is absolutely WRONG!! Fluoride treatments leave a nasty taste in your mouth. NOT ANYMORE! Here at Safari of Smiles we are introducing a new product; CUPCAKE FLAVORED FLUORIDE!!! Usually kiddos (as well as adults) don’t like the yucky taste of fluoride. Fluoride, however, is important in maintaining good dental health. It is a mineral used to prevent tooth decay by making teeth resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. This is why we want the children to enjoy getting their “tooth vitamins”. What better way than by applying yummy cupcake flavored fluoride? (also available in melon, mint and cherry) Make sure to try it out during their next visit!