To use mouthwash or not use mouthwash? That is the question!

13699970_10153836585246588_1463790498140788325_nMany parents have questions and concerns on whether or not their child should begin to use mouthwash. Well, if your concern is “is it safe?”, the answer is YES! It is safe as long as the child does NOT swallow. Mouthwash contains alcohol and fluoride that could hurt the little one’s tummy if they swallow it.

It is recommended that children wait to begin using this product until the age of 6 or 7 (by the American Dental Association), because that is when most kiddos develop the reflex to spit it out.

When purchasing mouthwash that is right for your child it is advised that you buy the ones that are sugar free and contain an anti-cavity substance called sodium fluoride. The most popular brands of child safe mouthwash are: ACT Kids Anti-cavity and Firefly Kids Mouthwash. They each come in many fun flavors that your kids would love to try.

So, to end… Yes, your child is able to use mouthwash without worrying.